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Our Clients expect the best care, and our goal is to provide it without cutting corners.

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As you can see by our photo gallery, Dapple Stud is a great place to raise horses. With 900 acres to work with, we can raise them as they were meant to be.

  • Mares are the lifeblood of any breeding operation. Whether their foals make their debut in the auction ring or the saddling paddock, all hopes are for the success for their racing career, the necessary steps include: pre-breeding care, conception, maintaining of pregnancies, foaling, foal care, weaning, yearling sale prep, or pre-training for two-year-olds.
  • We provide our owner/breeder clients with "Kindergarten" service for yearlings and two-year-olds that need the basics of getting under tack and accepting a rider before moving on to a training facility with a racetrack.
  • Trainers know the ample paddock space and the proximity to the best vet clinics make Dapple Stud an excellent option for lay-ups for race horses that need a break for various reasons.
  • For our international clients, we can offer the 30-day quarantine period necessary before shipping to most locations out of the country.
  • The needs of our clients are like the needs of their horses, of primary importance. As a current or prospective Dapple client, please feel free to contact us with any questions or requests: info@dapple.net


250 Walton Avenue, Suite 140
Lexington, Kentucky 40502